Bumble.LIVE - Styling Your Fierce Career



In this two-day course, we combine the best of two of our most beloved classes: Fierce Conversations and Styling Your Career.

Fierce Conversations, based on Susan Scott’s best-selling book, has played a major part in Bumble and bumble culture. Styling Your Career, a popular workshop offered in our Commerce Series, focuses on ways to deepen client relationships, expand revenue, and find more meaning behind the chair.

With the skills and training you’ll learn in Styling Your Fierce Career, you’ll take your communication and relationship-building skills to the next level.

Students will:

  • Learn how to build deeper client relationships and find more meaning in their work.
  • Explore ways to expand their revenue stream.
  • Elevate all relationships through better communication.
  • Learn how to "wow" their clients with an enhanced service experience.
  • Develop an open, direct, and respectful salon culture.
  • Gain skills for addressing issues critical to success.
  • Learn how to effectively conduct challenging conversations.
  • Discover how to improve overall bottom-line results.


Two days


All students in our Network


$200 Non-refundable fee plus $750 or 10,000 points
(per attendee)

$200 Non-refundable fee plus $600 or 8,000 points
(per Network Educator)




Breakfast and refreshments provided daily


Workshop, lecture


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