Razor Cut + Style Essentials



A firm foundation in a handful of techniques can last a lifetime. In this one-day course, students will learn the essential razor, blow dry, and finishing skills needed to create precise cuts and flawless styles. *Please note that students are required to bring their own model for this class.

Students will:

  • Watch a cutting and styling demonstration 
  • Practice introductory razor techniques
  • Hone their blow dry techniques 
  • Expand their working knowledge of the razor
  • Prepare for intensive design classes at The House of Bumble

Class Time

10am - 3:30pm


$200 non-refundable fee, plus
3500 points or $350.00

Model Arrival Times

Please ask your model to arrive at 12:45pm. Model departure time is 3:15pm.

Model Requirements

  • • One cut/style model per student
  • • Age 18 or older
  • • Arrives with clean, dry hair
  • • Has fine to medium density hair with refined, smooth, soft texture
  • • Has long hair and is willing to lose at least three inches (the finished cut will fall between collarbone and shoulder blades)




Two years of cutting experience recommended


Instruction, demonstration, and hands-on

Tools Required

  • • Round boar bristle brush
  • • Styling brush
  • • Tail comb
  • • Blow-dryer + nozzle
  • • Cutting cape
  • • Towels
  • • Razor with blades
  • • Pin kits (duckbill, pins, etc.)
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