Meet Tara (@ladyslider)

Meet Tara (@ladyslider)

Photographer, art director, and self-proclaimed "soul surfer" this Hawai’i native wears many (stylish) hats. We quizzed her on her "no-routine beauty routine", fashion sense, and love of air-drying.

Why is air-dry styling important to you?

"Air-drying fits perfectly into my no-routine beauty routine. I never blow-dry my hair, and I don’t own a brush. To be honest, I'm usually styling my damp hair in the car."

If you could wear one hairstyle forever, what would it be?

"My hair is temperamental! If I’m having a good hair day with a great wave, I’ll wear my hair down with bangs. That’s my fancy style. Other than that, I’m all about a topknot. In Hawai’i we call it an aunty or "tita" bun."

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